Out of the woodworks....

they are coming! Seems like everyone is making a pregnancy announcement this past week. While it stings (ok, so some announcements stung a lot more than others) that I am not one them, I am truly happy for them, even the ones that weren't 'trying' and got hit with a 'surprise.' I just pray that my BFP wont be too far behind. I even broke down when DH told me that while we were at Christmas Vigil Mass, he prayed that I would get the baby I so desperately want. (He's not the kind that talks much about this whole TTC process, so the fact that he told me that made me cry even more.) This is officially the longest its ever taken us to conceive a child. I'm all for breaking records, but this is NOT what I had in mind.

Remember in my last post about how the timing was pretty crappy this month since DH was sick and how I wished that even though I got a +opk, that my body would shut down and not O until he felt better and we could actually BD? Well, I think my body did shut down! Fertile CM has gone away and better yet, my temp hasn't spiked to confirm O! Now, lets just hope that in a few more days it will get back on track with no problems.

Great timing...NOT!

I've had to use so many OPKs in the past, that I've gotten really good at knowing when I will get a +, down to the hour even, and today is no exception. Usually its between cd11-16, on the third day of EWCM and between 4-6 pm. Yeah, that specific. There have been a couple of cycles where I will have 2 days of EWCM around cd 8-9, like my body might be getting ready, but then it disappears for a few days, then comes back, I get a + OPK and the rest of the cycle goes on from there.

This cycle started out much as the same. A little EWCM on cd7. No biggie, I thought. It will probably stay for two days and then go away for a little bit and I'll O around New Year's Eve/Day. Yesterday, cd8, still some EWCM, not surprised. Today, cd9, LOTS of EWCM this afternoon right before I went to the bathroom. I looked at the clock...530pm. Yep, I bet this will be +, I said to myself as I pulled an OPK from the box. Sure enough, there was a smiley face on the test strip looking right back at me a few minutes later. Most women O anywhere from 12-36 hours after a +opk (I'm closer to the 12-16 hour more times than not. However, there have been 2 cycles where I didn't O for 36 hours.) Now why the problem?? Well, DH is sick...sick as in can't BD because he's as sick as a dog sick. Ugh! So, looks like I may already be out this cycle before it even really gets started.

I pray that my body will either 'shut down' for a few days so I don't O for a few more days (temp spike confirms O, opk just says your body is getting really close) or that DH feels a lot better and soon.

Ding dong, its not Avon.....

About 20 minutes after I wrote my post yesterday, I started spotting. Today, AF has been in full force. Yay, just what I wanted for Christmas! *insert sarcastic tone and eye roll* So many emotions about this, but I'm going to try and remain positive and not dwell on it. Luckily, I still have a lot of things to do before Christmas, so hopefully I can keep my mind off of it.

I will be trying something new this next cycle though. I've been researching about self fertility massage and castor oil packs, and it sounds like it might help, definitely can't hurt. I started the fertility massages a little last cycle, but wasn't able to do much since there are time periods you are suppose to avoid doing them. I'll post more about it tomorrow.

On to cycle 8.........

I'm out

My temp took a CRASHING nose dive this morning, so I'm just waiting on the ol' witch to show. While I'm upset that yet another cycle passes and we are still not pregnant, I'm at more peace with it this month than previous months. Actually, I was even wondering if we should try this month or not because my EDD would have been late Aug (but the baby would have been born at least a week earlier because I will have to have a repeat c-section). The problem with that you ask? Well, DS will start kindergarten in Aug, so to have a new routine with that, a new baby, recovering from surgery, DSS in a different school district making sure we pick him up on time and the logistics of trying to get all of that to work with me unable to drive for six weeks and DH not being able to help out much because of his work schedule...well you can see why that would drive me crazy. Not that all of that couldn't be done...I'm a planner and have a plan in my mind of how this will work, but even the best laid plans can hit a snafu when it actually comes time to implement it. Especially when the biggest hurdle is a mom that can't drive right after surgery. If we get pregnant next month, at least we'd have a couple of weeks to work out any kinks with the schedule before adding a new baby. Its all in God's timing anyway and His timing is always perfect. I just have to remind myself of that sometimes. ;-)

Still in the running?

So where we left off...I was either 8 (possibly 10) DPO and with the temp drop I had, plus the AF-like cramping I've been having, I assumed that AF would be visiting in a few days. (My LP is shorter than most women...its 10-12 days with the occasional 14, and my temp starts dropping 2-3 days or so before AF comes.) The next morning, my temp rose and I wasn't completely shocked because I sometimes get that last little surge before it starts dropping again. When my temp dropped yesterday and with the cramping getting stronger, I put a pad on just waiting for AF to show. I've been taking hpts the last two days and not even a hint of a line, just stark white.

Last night, my DS woke up at 1:45 am. I must have been in a really good, deep sleep because I reached over to grab my phone so I could click the little screen on. As I laid there, I could see the time, decided to go ahead and take my temp in case I couldn't go back to sleep long enough to take it at my normal time (need at least 3-4 hours of sleep for an accurate result and I usually take it at 5:45 every morning), but I was so confused I couldn't figure out what 'app' to push to take my temp. (Yeah, I was THAT tired. LOL) Plus, I was SUPER hot and sweaty, which I never am. Once I realized that duh, you take your temp with a thermometer, I reached over and got it. I knew immediately that it was a jump from yesterdays temp, but I recorded it just in case I needed to use that one. After I got DS settled back down, I went back to sleep.

Fast forward to my phone beeping at its normal time. I took my temp again and it was still up! I was excited!! (Although, I am a little cautious, as I've had two cycles were my 11 dpo temp was this high and they were both BFN, 14 day LP cycles. However, the temps leading up to that were a little different.) I went back to sleep a little longer and when I got up, took a test. B..F...N. :-(  I have a whole box of ICs so I will probably be using one every time I go to the bathroom.

Yes, my name is Brandy and I am a POAS-aholic. Praying I will get something on one of them!


Todays temp dropped more (quite a bit more actually) so I didn't test this morning. Based on this mornings temp, AF should arrive sometime tomorrow, maybe even Sunday. I'm so upset with myself....getting the TL in the first place, totally screwing up my body. I'm beginning to wonder if this is even in the cards for us. With DS, we got pregnant right off the bat on our honeymoon, DD took cycle #7 but thats because I was trying to gender sway and gender swaying girls take longer than boys. This is cycle #7 for TTC this baby. Ironically, it was Dec 29, 2008 that I found out I was pregnant with DD. How nice it would have been to find out over the next few days that I would be pregnant again. But no, that dream is crushed. Yeah, there is still a SLIM chance that I could be pregnant, that I am wrong with my dates, but that chance is so so slim, that it would be like hanging off a cliff by a shoestring, trusting it would hold you.

God, I need a miracle and you are the only one who can do it. I don't know how much longer we can try. DH already has a 'time frame' on exactly how much longer we should try (because of his age), and that is getting closer every day.

DPO adjusted

Two posts in one day!!

The more I've been looking at my chart, the more I really keep thinking I O'd on cd16 vs cd18. After some research on FF (the charting software) looking at other charts, that thought is even more prevalent so I changed it. (FF has four different interpretation methods and 2 of them say cd18 and the other two say cd16 so its not like I'm just totally pulling a number out of thin air). With that change, that obviously changes my DPO by two days....going from 7 to 9. I will probably start testing tomorrow, depending on how my temp looks, since I will be 10 DPO and because I am a self-admitted POAS-aholic.

Please pray for a BFP! I want my Christmas miracle. My little red-headed female, angel faced, vowel named, Christmas miracle. Of course a little sweet, soft spoken, mamma's boy Christmas miracle wouldn't be bad either!!

Not optimistic

Every month I use positive thinking (maybe a little too much) and try to picture myself pregnant as a way to release as much stress as possible. Then when AF shows every month, my emotions plummet back to earth. This month I not feeling too optimistic about my chances. So far my Nov/Dec chart looks an awful lot like my Sept one and that ended up a BFN, so I'm preparing myself for a repeat. I know that doesn't necessarily mean anything and that God could bless me with a miracle, (heck I didn't think I was pregnant the month I did get pregnant with DD), but this month seems different. Maybe its a self defense mechanism so I don't get disappointed.

Plus, on top of that, I really think there is a good chance I O'd on cd16 instead of cd18 based on what my temps do on previous good/strong O charts. The only thing that is holding me back for sure, is the EWCM I had on cd17. Guess we will see one AF arrives, then I can subtract my LP to confirm when O was (even FF seems to like those two choices). And if AF doesn't arrive, well, then it won't matter because I will be pregnant! There I go with that positive thinking again........:-)

Just for visual reference, I overlaid the charts so you can see what I mean. Sept chart is in green, current Nov/Dec chart is in purple.

This one shows current O on cd18.
This one shows current O on cd16. 

Can I...

...make this TTC journey any harder on myself? Why yes, yes I can! Random thoughts pop into my head on any given day. When AF arrives its "dang, another cycle not pregnant." Next, its waiting for O to happen and "are we BD'ing enough to cover our bases." Then its during the LP "what does this temp pattern mean this month" and so on and so on. Its a vicious cycle that repeats. Plus, trying not to symptom spot is hard too, but the hardest thing to deal with.....random thoughts of what the baby might look like!

The last few days, this image of a face keeps looking at me. Like a tight closeup in a movie. Every day since, the "camera" pans out a little more and I can see more features. Right now I can see sweet red curls framing a little girl's angelic face. Her facial features similar to DS and DD, with her big brown eyes and little button nose. Her smile and laugh mimics that of her oldest brother. (My DSS has the same shade of red and I've always loved it. Part of me wished that DS and DS would have red hair too, but they don't.) I imagine calling her by name (more on that in a bit), along with her brothers and sister. They way they all laugh and play just melts your heart. Its very much like how they are now....just with an extra sister!

Now, about her name. About a month ago, I had overwhelming thoughts of names that started with a vowel. Not really sure why, because there is a method on how we came up with the other kids names and to have a vowel name that matches the criteria (and that DH would actually like) will be next to impossible hard. But this vowel thing keeps running through my head. An endless database of names scroll in my head, like wheels on a slot machine, every so often stopping at one name before starting again. Very strange. I never experienced this with my other kids, not to this degree anyway.

I wonder if this is some sort of sign? Like God is giving me hope, telling me to hang on a little longer.
"Baby girl is not ready for you yet, but this is what you will be blessed with when she does arrive"
Sure, we are blessed with three TERRIFIC kids already, but it just seems like there is a piece missing to our puzzle that we didn't realize was missing until almost 2 years ago. I don't believe that God would put the desire in my (and DH's!) heart to have another child, for us to go through the TR process just to end the journey here. That would be too cruel. I guess for now, I will just enjoy these visions and thoughts, praying its not just 'all in my head' and that our journey will include this little miracle.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

Thats how I feel its going to be deciding which day I O'd. I was playing around with FF this morning and even its confused this month! Of course, the reason why my chart looks like it does is because of my BBT thermometer. Its had a good life the last 4 years and in about two weeks it will be put out of its my misery. LOL. I bought a new one a few days ago, but you never want to change thermometers mid cycle so its just patiently hanging out in the drawer for now. (I have used the new and old one at the same time, just to see if there is a difference or if its just me.....yep, a good amount of temp difference.) So for at intents and purposes, at this moment, I'm going to say that I'm 2dpo. Its not like I won't be testing next week anyway. ;-)


I guess its time for a new BBT thermometer! The one I've been using is a little over 4 years old, but I thought it was still fairly accurate. This cycle though, it seems not to be the case. My temps have been unsual and today it should be even higher to confirm O, but it was still stuck in the 97.01 range. I've checked my temp two other times today and its finally reading a higher reading (which only happens after O) so I'm confident that O has happened. I will have to wait until the end of this cycle to start using a new one because even though this one doesn't seem to be accurate, it will be consistenly accurate for charting purposes. Make sense? LOL.

Dear Body...

...please make up your mind on what you are wanting to do! This cycle, my pre O temps have been very unsual (up, down, flat for several days) and my CM has been strange (longer period of EWCM with some super sticky CM). Good news is that I finally got a +OPK today.

Now what?

Not really sure what is up with my temp yesterday. It wasn't cold or anything in the room and I had the same amount of sleep. Weird. Anyway, hopefully it was just a fluke and even though I had some cramping yesterday, I'm pretty sure I didn't O yet. Maybe its because I started self-fertility massage the other day? I also bought items needed to start doing castor oil packs, except the heating pad, which may have to wait until next cycle because you aren't supposed to do it after ovulation.

TSH Update

Six weeks ago, I went in for my quarterly TSH checkup. Read about it here. A few days ago I went in to have my blood drawn again and today I got the results....0.6!!!! Much, much better!! Now, hopefully this will mean a BFP soon since its back down to optimal TTC levels!


I hope each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow! I pray that next year we have a new little one to be thankful for, but in the meantime I'm thankful for a supportive husband, three terrific kids, shelter and food.


The witch is here.....on to cycle 7.


Nothing like your body acting all bizarre and making you feel like you are going crazy!

After O, *if* I get any CM, its usually creamy or sticky. On DPOs 8 and 9, I was experiencing EW/watery CM so I decided to take some OPKs. (LH is always present in your body and it varies throughout your cycle) They started out barely visible like normal, but then the 9DPO afternoon one was actually dark enough like I get right before I get a +, and I NEVER get one that close very often since I surge very quickly. Now, I'm 99.9999% sure I O'd on CD16 because of my +OPK on CD15 followed by a good temp rise on CD17 so I know it wasn't reading an impending ovulation. OPKs can pick up HCG (read why here) so I was thinking maybe, just maybe, I was pregnant and it was picking it up.

However, all HPTs I've been taking have been BFNs....not even a hint of a positive. Hence, my frustration. I've been having hot flashes, cramping on and off, sensitivity to smells, smelly pee (TMI sorry), and a host of other symptoms. Then today, 11 dpo, my temp drops. And since I don't know exactly when my LP will end (as its been fluctuating lately, even though its not supposed to vary by more than 1-2 days) FF estimates AF to arrive in two days, so that would explain the temp drop.

I was really hoping this would be our month too. :-( Guess time will tell.


Temp went back up a little today (not as much as I hoped, but not a bad amount) and the cramping is still there, but lighter than it was yesterday. HPT is -, as is an OPK (for those of you confused why I took an OPK....remember how I talked about previously how LH and HCG are sister hormones?) Still a waiting game, as always. LOL.

7 DPO cramping

Yesterday, I was feeling some pinches/twinges and like AF was about to start, but nothing consistent. Today I woke up to a .3 BBT drop, more of an 'AF is coming' type feeling and now I 've been having some mild cramping all morning. I'm still way too early for AF to actually be arriving so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I could be implanting a little bean! If that is the case, and I get a BFP in the next few days, then Thanksgiving will be even more special this year.


Not much going on at the moment. I had a really strong O (based on my temps), so I really pray this is our month!! We have lots of good things going for us......CIS showing open tubes, thyroid meds adjusted and TSH hopefully at a better level and lots of extra BD'ing. Needless to say, I'm going to be a wreck until I can test on the 20th. The waiting is the hardest part of the cycle. Well, really thats the whole cycle, because you wait for O to happen, then you wait to test, and then if your temp drops and keep getting BFNs then you are waiting on AF to arrive so you can start it all over again. Its enough waiting to make you crazy and to wish that it didn't have to be such a process. Even with everything lined up perfectly, you still only have a 20% of conceiving any given month. Its amazing anyone gets pregnant then, huh? I just have to keep reminding myself that its all on God's timing and not ours.

Ovulation, here we come!

Got my +OPK today, right on cue! With our CIS and lots of etra BD'ing, I'm hoping this is our month!!

Just waiting....

on a + OPK and for ovulation to show up. I'm on CD 12, so it should be sometime this week.

In other news, a lot of women on a TR/TTC group that I belong to have announced a lot of BFPs lately. I'm so happy for all of them and I hope I can have a little announcement of my own soon.

Tubes are....

OPEN!!!!! The procedure went very well and I hardly had any discomfort during it (I was nervous since some of the info I've read says that pain can range from nothing to really, really bad cramping). The nurse was very good and explained everything as it was happening, while the Dr didn't say much at all. He did a lengthy sonogram before the CIS and afterward said everything looks good and that the contrast had no problems going through! Because the CIS/HSG can 'clean' out the tubes, a lot of women get pregnant really soon after the test. I pray I will be included in the statistic soon. :-)


After talking to my drs office, we have decided to do a CIS (contrast-infused sonography). They say its very much like a HSG in terms of seeing if the tubes are open or not, but its just a slightly different technique and much more comfortable. We do this on Oct 31, when I'm CD 10 (its has to be done in a small time frame....after your period, but before ovulation). Hope is goes well and my tubes are open!

Onward and upward

AF arrived today, so on to cycle 6. I have a call into my Drs office about doing a HSG next month to see if my tubes are open.

St. Gerard

Today is not only my birthday, but it is also the Feast Day for St. Gerard (He is the saint whose intercession is requested for children (and unborn children in particular), childbirth, mothers (and expectant mothers in particular), motherhood, falsely accused people, good confessions and lay brothers.

O good St. Gerard, powerful intercessor before God and Wonder-worker of our day, I call upon thee and seek thy aid. Thou who on earth didst always fulfill God's design, help me to do the Holy Will of God. Beseech the Master of Life, from Whom all paternity proceedeth to render me fruitful in offspring, that I may raise up children to God in this life and heirs to the Kingdom of His glory in the world to come. Amen.

I pray St. Gerard hears my prayers, intercedes on my behalf and that I receive the best belated birthday present next week.....a BFP!

Good News

Today, I'm 1 DPO. I didn't O right after my + OPK as I normally do, but thats ok because I got some good news! Yesterday, I had my quarterly thyroid checkup with my Dr. (I'm have Hypothyroidism) and while my levels came back in the normal range, they are still a little too high for optimal TTC (it was 3.6). I'm currently taking 75 mcg of Levothyroxine and while the next dose would be 88 mcg, we have decided to skip that one and go straight to 100 mcg to see if my TSH levels will go down to the 1.0 range. I will have more bloodwork in 6 weeks to see what my new level will be.

I also discussed with her the protocol that TR patients have to follow after getting a BFP. (HCG blood draws every 48 hours until levels get high enough to confirm placement of pregnancy via ultrasound). I could have the RE that did my TR surgery do it, but insurance will not pay for the lab work, so with having my primary Dr do it I will have a better chance of insurance paying for it. We also discussed doing a progesterone draw at 7 DPO just to see what my level is. (A lot of women, who never had progesterone problems before, usually do have issues with it after a TR.) My dr said just to call the office whenever I need blood work done and they will get me in. She said she'll order whatever I need. How awesome is that? A dr who actually listens to her patients! Well, she has always been awesome though. :-)

So now we're just waiting until next week to do my progesterone draw and go from there. Hopefully, there won't be any problems with it and that'll be one less thing we can mark off the list of things that could be preventing me from getting pregnant.


I got my + OPK yesterday so I should see a very nice temp spike tomorrow to confirm ovulation! TMI: I've been having a LOT more fertile CM than usual. Hope that means good things and we get pregnant this month!! Not much else going on at the moment.

Interesting tibit....if I do get pregnant this month, my EDD would be July 6th....and since I would have to have a repeat c section, the baby would be born at least a week prior (assuming all goes to plan that is....DD decided to come early even though we had a c section date with her too)...anyway, back to topic, the baby would be born at least a week early....my late Papa's birthday was July 1 and I can't help but hope we have a little July baby. Plus, we already have Jan, Feb, June, Sept and Oct covered, so why not add a different month to the mix. LOL.

Simply put...

Cycle 5

Cycle 5 finally started today. It took a few days longer than I expected since my temps have been dropping for the last 4 days. I've been trying to keep busy, but as each month passes, its getting harder not to think that something may be wrong....am I ovulating strong enough, are we BD'ing enough, do I have a progesterone issue, are my tubes blocked.....endless thoughts. Which is pretty silly jumping to all of those conclusions since it can take "normal" (ie no tubal issues) couples a year or more to conceive as it is. I'm trying to learn patience, but its hard when your DH has put a time limit on things. Maybe God is just saving this BFP for my birthday (I should be O'ing a few days before.) What a glorious birthday gift that would be!

Start of the end

Today, I'm 10dpo and my temp dropped for the second day in a row. Looks like I'll be headed to cycle 5 soon. I've have been an emotional mess the last two days. Now, I know why. :-(


I got a nice little dip today. Its a little early for implantation, but not impossible. Other than that, I've been very gassy and crampy this cycle. Hope thats a good sign!


I've been reflecting and a bit emotional the last few days.

Stressed because DH has put a timeline on things. He thinks if we don't conceive within the next 6-9 months that we should just give up and call it quits. Part of that is because he is 40 and will be almost 60 when the baby graduates from HS. I can understand that, but its not like he won't be 60 one day anyway. :-P It makes it all that more disappointing when I get that BFN every month because I know I'm running out of time.

Grateful for the three terrific kids we already have. They really are great, even when they have their terrible moments (which luckily are far and few between, but boy do they make up for it by being bad).

Optimism for the future. I really believe we are to have another baby. I can't imagine God putting the feelings that I have in my heart all for no reason. I also believe in fate and that things happen for a reason...like the fact that we were able to save the money for the TR at record speed (still took us a year, but it was much quicker than we expected), there were two Drs who we were considering (one of whom the office would never call us back and when they finally did, wasn't able to get us in a for a while. Where as the second one not only contacted us right back, but the only dates they had open were dates DH was already off from work and it was soon!) and the fact that the day of surgery, it was even cheaper than we were quoted! Some people may dismiss all of that as nonsense, but I take it as a sign.

So yeah, I've been feeling like a roller coaster lately, but I pray good things are coming.

And Spike!

Today I got the biggest O spike I've had since the TL/TR! (I've been wondering if I have a problem with O, so its nice to see that that might not be the case afterall.) I should get crosshairs in about two days to confirm O.


Temp took a big dive today. A few ladies on our FB TR group say they normally get a dip the day before O. The only time I have ever gotten a dip before O was one time and that resulted in a BFN cycle. Of course, I've had other BFN cycles so I guess I won't think too much about it. As long as my temp spikes up tomorrow, I'll be happy.


I took an OPK earlier today and while it was still negative, it did have a darker line than the rest of the OPKs have been this month. So I took another one a few minutes ago and there was a positive smiley face staring back at me! Yay!! Now, lets hope the delay was worth it and we get a baby out of this. ;-)


OPK is still negative. I'm starting to wonder if its even going to happen this month. :-(

We're getting closer!

FF took away my crosshairs again today. LOL. I am however having some fertile CM even though my OPK is still negative. I usually have 2-3 days of fertile CM before O, so maybe I'm on my way!


FF gave me crosshairs again today. OPKs are still negative, temp is very low and CM is still not fertile. I really believe I haven't even O'd yet. If I have O'd, then this cycle is already shot, not only because of the lack of good BD'ing, but the fact that my temps are below coverline.

LH where are you?

So you all know about my lack of a +OPK so far this cycle. Well, my temp took a dip today so FF took away my crosshairs. I'm not surprised, since I knew I haven't O'd yet. Still no recent fertile CM (even the fertile CM I had last week wasn't all that great) so I probably won't have anything happening soon. I just hope it doesn't take much longer since I've never O'd this late, but at least I'm still in the running!


Sorry I've been gone for a while. I've been busy with work/projects and its actually been kinda nice having something to distract me from TTC. Today, FF gave me crosshairs and I'm not sure if I totally agree (even FF is not 100% sure since its a dotted line). I did have some cramping on Wednesday and some spotting the next day, but my CM has not been "normal", nor have I gotten a + OPK yet. In fact, my OPKs have been so -, that I barely even have a second line on them. So this all makes me think that I haven't O'd yet. Which is totally fine with me, because if I have O'd, there is no hope for this cycle. I have also been feeling like I'm getting sick and since I've had to get up really early 2 of the last 4 days, my temps aren't quite as accurate either. I guess we'll just see what the next few days bring.

Busy, busy, busy

School has started back (only DSS is in school, but DS has to go for ST), business is picking up and I've been busy with DS and DD with normal day-to-day stuff so its been kinda nice having these distractions from TTC. I did, however, order some more pregnancy tests and OPKs the other day. I keep buying them in just enough amounts to last 1-2 months. My thought on that is I pray I won't need to have a huge supply because I will get pregnant and then be stuck with a whole bunch. So far, my theory has proved me wrong though so if this trend continues, maybe I WILL buy a huge lot so I CAN get 'stuck' with them. LOL.

New norms

Anytime you do something to your body (like having a TL/TR) it can "mess" things up. I am learning that my body has decided to go in a new direction. My LP now seems to be 12-14 days in length (which longer is better so I'm glad it didn't go the other way) and my menstrual flow seems to be a little shorter (still just as heavy as its always been though). I got pregnant with DS on our first cycle and our DD on cycle #7 so I pray that our new norm won't change that to be further. We are headed into cycle 4 as this one has come to an end. What new norm I would like to see??? Us holding a new baby in about 10 months.


Today's temp was a drop so AF is likely on her way. There is the slightest chance that since my LP has been 12-14 days since the TR (instead of my normal 10) that today could be an implantation dip, but I think that is probably just wishful thinking. I didn't even bother testing today because either scenario would result in a BFN.


So I haven't been good about blogging this month. Obviously I've been seriously lacking sleep or something because yesterday my DH let me sleep in late, I got up and ate a little, went back to bed for a nap a few hours later, ate some more after playing with the kids for a bit and even went to bed (early for me). I have been so exhausted lately, but I don't feel that it is necessarily 'pregnancy fatigue'...although I sure hope it is. :-) Today I woke up and felt much better, but I did get have another fatigue dump later this afternoon.

Part of me thinks I'm out this month. My temps have been super close together (way abnormal) and even though I have some symptoms, nothing just stands out and screams pregnancy. The only thing that remotely does is the metallic taste I've been having and of course the fatigue. However, it seems that while I never had PMS-type symptoms before the TL/TR, that this may be my new norm of having some every month now.

The other part of me is still optimistic. I have faith that we will have another baby. I just hope God thinks it should be sooner rather than later. I'll be 10dpo tomorrow so I really pray I get a BFP tomorrow (BFN today).


The other night I had a long coughing fit while trying to sleep, finally stopped enough to fall asleep, but then slept horribly. Since this afternoon, I've felt sick...nausea, metallic taste in my mouth, sore throat and fatigue. Of course part of this could be that I've been out running errands in 101+ degree temps....this heat will zap all energy from you. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. I've been fighting taking a nap most of the afternoon, but I bet $10 I go to bed early tonight!!


Got my crosshairs today so I'm 3dpo now. My temps are a slow rise so I'm worried I didn't have a strong enough ovulation. Anything is possible though and if its meant to be, it will be! :-)


I decided to take another OPK this afternoon, 4 hours after my last one and this is what I got! (The one marked "14" is from earlier today (CD14) and the one underneath that is the one that just gave me the smiley face!)
So I didn't miss my surge!


I didn't realize its been a little over a week since my last post. Not like a whole lot happens while waiting for O to take place. :-)

I'm not sure whats going on with my temps this cycle though. If you look at my chart it looks like I may have already O'd (even if it is a little early), but my OPKs have all been negative....and I mean REALLY negative. (I use the Clearblue Easy Digitial OPKs which give you the smiley face with they are positive.) You aren't *supposed* to read the lines on these tests like you do on the non-digital types, but I can tell when I'm need to test more closer to my surge because they do darken. However, todays was the first darker (still very light) line from the past 5 days. So, based on that I haven't O'd yet even if you consider that I O very quickly after my surge. I really doubt I missed it.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the next few days bring.


A lot of good things have been happening lately (I've been throwing myself into work more), so I'm feeling optimistic that good things will continue into this cycle. I'm only CD5 so I still have a way to go before O.

The Witch

...has arrived so on to cycle 3.


Temp dropped this morning, so I'm just still waiting on AF to arrive. Funny how when AF is supposed to actually start, all of the cramping and everything has completely stopped. That AF is a cruel witch!


lim·bo [ límbō ]
1. state of
oblivion: a state in which somebody or something is
neglected or is simply left in oblivion

in limbo in a state of uncertainty or of being kept waiting

Totally what I'm feeling right now. Being in limbo, in most cases (like a pending home loan application, waiting for the phone call after a job interview, etc) is worse than having an actual answer. At least with a 'yes' or 'no' you have an answer, closure, chance to move on and figure your next move. Today is 11dpo. Still no AF...still no BFP...still no answer. My temp went back up today, so I suppose yesterday could have been implantation. Implantation on 10dpo with a 10-11 LP doesn't seem so good. If it is implantation, will my body be able to switch gears in time so my body can grow and nuture the new life? Limbo. All HPTs (10miu and 25 miu) have been negative. Not even the faintest of lines. I have been reading that some women will test positive on higher miu tests, yet still show negative on the lower miu tests. I have one FRER tucked away so if my temp doesn't drop a lot tomorrow, I'll use it along with another 10 and 25 miu.

I pray that I will see BFPs.

I pray there be an end to the limbo.

9DPO update

So the cramping I was having went away this afternoon, but has been replaced with the "I'm feeling wet like AF has started" since early this afternoon. Of course she hasn't arrived yet (and I hope she keeps it that way).


So today is 9 dpo. My chart is still so beautiful, yet I feel like AF might be on her way. I've been cramping for almost a week now. It started out with the good pinching/tugging, but it has gotten stronger and more AF-like now. I was so nauseated yesterday that I finally had to take 1/2 a Phenergan (anti nausea med) after two hours of tossing in bed/getting up and running into the bathroom. If this is the start of morning sickness, its starting sooner than with my other two pregnancies.

Back to my triphasic chart. I found some really interesting info from Fertility Friend (FF), but I will share just a few excerpts.....

A triphasic chart is not a definite sign that you are or are not pregnant. It is just increasing your probability if you also have well-timed intercourse. Likewise, you can be pregnant and not have a triphasic pattern. Like all signs of possible implantation or pregnancy, you can really only speculate about it once a pregnancy has already been confirmed.

FF considered a batch of the most recent charts analyzed on the FertilityFriend.com web site. 149,781 recent charts were considered. For each chart considered we took note of the following: the ovulation day whether or not a triphasic pattern was detected which day after ovulation a triphasic pattern was detected pregnancy test results. We did not consider any chart for which no intercourse during the fertile window was recorded. In other words, all charts considered had a chance to result in pregnancy. We measured the frequency of the occurrence of the triphasic pattern in our sample for both pregnancy charts and charts not leading to a pregnancy.

Frequency of a Triphasic Pattern for pregnancy charts: 12.46%
Frequency of a Triphasic Pattern for non-pregnant charts: 4.47%
Average Days Past Ovulation (DPO) when this pattern occurs: 9 DPO

The results show that the triphasic pattern indeed occurs more frequently on pregnancy charts. Especially interesting are the following results: The magnitude of the difference is quite significant. This pattern is 179% more frequent on pregnancy charts. Although these results confirm that the triphasic pattern is indeed a possible early pregnancy sign it also shows that it is not an absolute sign either as the pattern also appears on non-pregnant charts. In practical terms this means that seeing this pattern on your chart is indeed a good sign but it is not an assurance that you will be pregnant. Not seeing the pattern on your chart is likewise not an indication that you are not pregnant. It is also important to recognize that there are a variety of other factors that may influence the probability of pregnancy in any cycle.

So as you can see this is REALLY good news. I pray that I am in the 12.46% category!! AF stay away and let me get a BFP tomorrow!


The dreaded 2ww, at least for me, is always the hardest part of the cycle. The "am I?/aren't I?" thoughts that plague you, the analyzing every sign and symptom, the self doubts of "its all in my head" or "I must be crazy" that swirl around. For two weeks, you can reach every emotion, even when you try to relax and put all of that out of your head. And for me, I don't even have a true 2ww since my LP is only 10-11 days. As crazy as I feel some days, I think it would be even worse if I had to wait and extra 3-4 days every month. LOL.

But today I have something to make me smile! I know you can have a beautiful chart and not end up being pregnant, just as you can have a not-so-pretty chart, yet be pregnant. I overlayed this months chart (in purple) to the green chart, which is from when I got my BFP with my daughter. The similarities just look so good. Of course, I won't know for another few days if this even means what I think it means, but in the meantime I can pray, dream and hope that is does.


I kept taking OPKs the other day while we were out of town and they finally went back to - later that night. I got a temp spike the next day to confirm O. (I usually O very soon after + OPKs, while most women don't O for 12-36 after a +.) So now I'm in the 2ww and should get crosshairs tomorrow. We only BD one time during the fertile period though, so I'm not too optimistic about this cycle. But all it takes is one sperm, so I pray those sperm were sitting there ready and waiting!!

Ovulation is on its way!

I know you are not suppose to use FMU for OPKs, but we are about to leave town this afternoon and I didn't know if I would get a good enough hold before we left so I took one with FMU this morning. I then took another one 1.5 hours later. Both were +, but I'm taking some with me to test again later tonight just to make sure. This will be the earliest I've ever O'd (I normally O between CD14-16 and today is CD12). I'm still having lots of EWCM, so I'm sure its an accurate +.

A little change up

Looks like I might O a little early this month! I've already started getting watery and EWCM. This might actually be good since we are planning on going out of town this weekend and we won't be able to BD later.


TMI post: Yesterday after the temp rise, I had a little pink tinged CM (Another unsual thing as I normally just go into a heavy flow, never spotting unless its late at night right before I start during the night). All day long I kept thinking AF had finally started so I kept going to the bathroom to check, but nothing was there. Even into the night, I was having AF cramps, but nothing was on my pad. This morning my BBT was lower again and I knew it was only a matter of time before AF would finally rear her ugly head. Sure enough, a little bit ago she made her apperance known.

So onto the next cycle.....


Today I'm 12 dpo, when my LP is usually 10-11 days. My temp took a big dive yesterday (part of that was I only had 3 hours of sleep, but took my temp at normal time...I then feel back asleep for another 3 hours and took it again....slighly higher, but I still marked the first temp since they were both drops) Lots of pulling/tugging all week, but yesterday started more AF type cramps. I kept going to the bathroom thinking I started, but nothing. Today I took my temp for the heck of it since AF hadn't started yet and it actually ROSE a little (and it was even a litle chilly in the room)! Not enough to suggest a true rise after implantation dip. Tested....BFN of course. I never rise once I start dropping to signal AF on the way so maybe I'm not out yet! Guess we'll see what today and tomorrow brings.

On its way out...

...cycle 1 that is. Today, 11 dpo, my temp took a large dive meaning AF will arrive tonight or tomorrow. I'm rather shocked and disappointed, especially considering all of the symptoms I've been having lately (I don't normally have monthly issues/symptoms), but maybe its just my body getting back into rhythm since the surgery. Praying next month will bring us better news.


I finally got my crosshairs today, so that means I'm 3 DPO! I'm a little concerned that my post-O temps have been a slow rise and not a spike. I guess we'll just see what happens over the next few days.


Look what I got this morning. Yep, its a + opk!! I will O probably tomorrow (O usually happens 12-36 hours after a + opk). We are trying to gender sway for a girl, so we won't be BD'ing anymore for a few days, until O has been confirmed.


Today, I had a TR post op appointment with Dr K. Right after surgery he said my tube lengths were 3.5 and 4.5 cm, but today he said they were both 5 cm. Not sure why the change (I was actually fully awake when he said that after surgery so I don't think I misunderstood him), but I'm happy since the longer the tubes the better! He then reviewed the protocol on what will happen when I get pregnant. I'll have to go get betas drawn every 48 hours and then have an US to confirm placement once my numbers reach 1500. This is to catch an ectopic (10% chance of happening) as early as possible, so as to avoid any major complications such as needing my tube taken out or worse, my death. Once a pregnancy has been confirmed in my uterus, then I will be released to my OB/GYN for routine pregnancy care.

I'm on CD 12 today, so I should O in a few days.

Fingers crossed this will be the only TTC cycle I need!!

Two weeks....

since my surgery and I feel great! Its amazing how many more of my PTLS symptoms have gone away (Yay!!) since the TR. My incision has healed up nicely and while in the recovery room, Dr K said we could start ttc as soon as I felt up to it. Today is only CD 7 so I still have another week or so before ovulation.

I am SO glad we decided to go through with the TR (and even more excited that it ended up being cheaper than we were originally quoted.) I'm relieved that the huge weight that I've been carrying around for 2.5 years (yes, I have regretted the TL pretty much since the day I got it done) has finally been lifted off of my shoulders. A huge part of that probably has to do with my Catholic upbringing.

I got a Carter's catalog in the mail the other day....ohmygoodness....so many cute clothes that I would just love to buy. Even the boy clothes have gotten so much better since the last time I've had to buy baby clothes. I even refrained myself from buying a gender neutral ensemble. Can't say that might not happen once I get a BFP though. :-)

It's dooonnneee!!

Ok, so yesterday I didn't wake up after surgery so well. I was in a lot of pain, crying, so they ended up giving me 4 different kinds of pain meds (and 2 differet nausea meds because I was so nauseated too) I remember hearing DH telling the nurse that I don't even take something as simple as tylenol since I hate taking meds, but that I must been in horrible pain for it to make me cry like I was and he said I kept apologizing for acting like a baby. Once we finally got home, I took some more pain meds and went to sleep. I'd wake up every so often in pain because it hurt to change positions or I had to go pee. Got up for a little bit and tried eating even though I was still nauseated. Ate something soft, then took a phenergan for nausea. Then did a cyle of sleep, take meds, go potty, sleep, etc all night.

Woke up this morning and my right side feels a WHOLE lot better. My left side still hurts, esp when I have to stand/sit, but funny thats the same side that took longer to heal with my 2 c/s. Maybe once I take my bandage off this afternoon, it'll feel even better.

My tubes are approx 3.5cm and 4.5cm (not sure which length for which side) and on an interesting note, I've noticed some of my PTLS symptoms are already better!


Thanks and Glory be to God and to my wonderful surgeon, Dr K!

Tomorrow is the big day!

I have to be at the surgical center by 11am and surgery is supposed to start at noon. I can't believe its really here!!!! I'm so excited, yet the nerves have kicked in too. I just hope I'm able to get a little more sleep than I have had the last two night.

Almost time!

Only five days until the reversal now! I got my pre-op call from the hosptial today to go over my health history and everything. It only took about 10 minutes, pretty simple. Meanwhile, I've been getting everything else done around here. I have about 5 items left to make so I'll be caught up on embroidery orders and I'll go to the grocery store on Tuesday to make sure we have enough food here since I won't know how I feel until after surgery.

In other news, I am now an official 'minivan mom' now. Our other car fit our three booster/carseats fine, but there would be no room to add a fourth so we decided to go ahead and shop for minivans. Well, I've been looking for about 2-3 months now and we finally found something we really liked. So we went to test drive it and ended up getting it. Yes, I like to prepare for things maybe a little too much (considering I'm not pregnant yet), but the kids could use the extra space back there regardless. Plus, the van has rear air controls which will be very nice this summer since it gets so hot down here and not much air circulates back there for them in our other vehicle.

Here is some pics of our new ride!

3 weeks

T minus 21 days....and counting! :-)


My last AF before the reversal finally showed up today! And with any luck and lots of wishful thinking, this will be the last non pregnant cycle I have the rest of the year. Fingers crossed!

One month

One month from today until our reversal!! I'm so excited and ready. Now if AF would just cooperate!

The one month I don't really pay attention to my cycle and it goes out of whack. LOL. My cycles used to have a wide range, but ever since I had my first child, my cycles became much more regulated at 24-28 days. This cycle however is already on CD33. I have no clear indication when I O'd since CM was a little off and I didn't do BBTs. On the 27th, I was already a few days late so I decided to take my BBT just for the heck of it. Well, it was 98.08 which is pretty high post O temp for me! I've been checking it since hoping for a good drop, which would then mean AF was coming soon. It has dropped some and have been cramping on and off like AF would start any minute, but then it rose again today. Hpts have been negaitive so the waiting game continues. (How great would that be to be pregnant though....small chance, but it does happen to a small % of women.) Hopefully the ugly witch will show up soon if she's coming. I'm supposed to be going on a camping trip this weekend with my DSS and his boy scouts troop and AF would not be a fun guest to bring along.

Random Thoughts

The hardest part of this journey so far is the lack of family support (well, that $6,500 check wasn't exactly so easy to part with either :-P). The only people that know about the impending TR are my in laws, a wonderfully supportive group of ladies that I have known for four years now at Womb and Beyond, one real life friend and now some new ladies I have found in an online TR/TTC group.

The main reason we haven't told my family goes back to the fact that they made nasty comments when we announced I was pregnant with DD. They certainly wouldn't hold back voicing their surely negative opinions about the TR and subsequent TTC. Probably along the lines of "why would you want to reverse something you did in the first place" or "you already have three kids, why do you want/need another?"As little as we see/talk to them we totally could have another baby and they would not even realize it was a new family member. And this is my immediate family I'm talking about!! Sad huh? But hey, who needs that kind of negativity around them anyways, right?!

Our kids don't know either (DSS knows I will be having surgery, but he doesn't know what for) and we won't say anything until I'm actually pregnant. All of the kids will be super excited to have another sibling though. The boys make comments every so often about how they wish they had another sibling to play with. (They both wish for another sister. How sweet is that!) The only one that may have a problem is DD, especially if we have another girl. She would either be VERY excited or VERY territorial about having to share her clothes and toys, but based on how we made sure the boys adjusted well when she came along, I think we'll be just fine. :-)

Our Story

Guess you are wondering who we are huh? Well, here is goes....

First of all, my name is Brandy and I love to use (parentheses) as you will soon find out. LOL.

DH and I got married in 2007 (I also became a step mom to a WONDERFUL boy whom I love as my own) and we conceived our DS that first month! I had horrible N/V the entire nine months and also ended up developing pre-eclampsia. I was placed on medication to help with the N/V, but I would take it sparingly since I was afraid it would hurt the baby. Two weeks after my pre-e diagnosis, I was induced due to severe hyptertension. During induction, DS heart rate started deceleration and had to be delivered via emergency c-section at 38w5d. I then developed complications (I went into hypovolemic shock and ended up needing 2 units of blood transfused). Needless to say, his pregnancy and birth were not what I expected.

Fast forward 11 months. We became pregnant with DD on our 7th cycle of trying. Her pregnancy mimicked DS and this time I was placed on two medications to try and combat the morning sickness. Even with the medications, I still had trouble keeping anything down. People thought I was crazy for having another baby after everything I went through with our son and I admit, there were days I thought so myself. After all, who loves the thought of having to carry baggies everywhere with them for nine months to throw up in because you can't make it to the bathroom in time?? Since I had to have an emergency c-section with DS (I was not a candidate for a VBAC) we had a scheduled c-section date for DD. Long story short, she decided to come a few days earlier than that, at 38w3d.

After two complicated pregnancies, DH and I decided we were done having kids and for me to get a tubal ligation since they'd "already be in there" during the c-section. I wasn't 100% on board, but at the time, I knew it was the best thing for us to do. (I don't believe in birth control....I know, I know, tubal ligation is a form of birth control.) I felt different almost immediately after the TL and I just figured it was due to the fact that I just had a baby, plus a toddler and an older boy at home.

About 1.5 years later, I thought I was pregnant. (Which I was secretly hoping I was because by this point I was just sick to my stomach knowing that I had permanently altered my reproductive system.) I told DH about it and he verbalized his regret of getting the TL done too and hoped I was pregnant. Turns out I wasn't pregnant and that my thyroid levels were just off (I had gotten diagnosed with hypothyroidism about a month prior, plus I was developing PTLS). While at the Dr, DH brings up questions about a tubal reversal. He was really excited about the prospect of having another baby!! So after we got home, we had a good, long discussion about the thought of getting the TR done. I researched it and narrowed it down to two Drs. Of course, we had to save up the money for it since insurance doesn't cover it.

So here we are 14 months later, about to get the TR done! Our surgery is scheduled for May 30, 2012. I decided to start this blog to document our (hopefully short) journey in hopes to give women contemplating a TL to strongly reconsider it before they do it. I just wish I knew then what I know now. :-(

Tubal Reversal FAQ's

FAQ's about Tubal Reversal and Trying to Conceive After a Tubal Reversal

Q: What is a tubal ligation?
A: Tubal ligation is a commonly performed sterilization procedure. Also called "tying your tubes" or "getting your tubes tied". There are a variety of ways in which the procedure can be performed (clips or rings to occlude portion of the tubes, small segments of the fallopian tube is cut off or electrocautery). Sometimes a tubal ligation is performed at the same time as a cesarean section and is called a Pomeroy procedure. During this procedure, a small section of the tube is actually cut out and the ends are tied off with suture material. A less commonly performed procedure is a fimbriectomy. During this procedure, the ends of the tube are completely removed. Because the fimbria is an essential part of the tube, this procedure is irreversible.

Q: What is a tubal reversal?
A: Most tubal reversals are done using an open technique. This means making a 2-3 inch incision in the abdomen in a bikini-like fashion. The abdomen is opened and using a microscope the ends of the tubes are reconnected (tube-to-tube reanastomosis). The procedure normally takes 2 hours and after the procedure you will spend a couple of hours in the recovery room and will be sent home that day. In some less common cases, you may decide to spend the night in the hospital.

Q: Are tubal reversals covered by insurance?
A: You will need to verify with your particular insurance company, but 95% of the time it is not a covered procedure and you will have to pay the entire amount out of pocket. Tubal reversals can range from as little as $5,000 to as much at $8,000 depending on physician charges, facility charges and any additional tests (such as lab work or other tests).

Q: What are the steps for a tubal reversal?
A: You must obtain copies of all the post operative and pathology reports from the doctor who performed the tubal ligation and send them to prospective doctors who perform tubal reversals for review. Once you have chosen a doctor that you feel comfortable with, follow his/her advice. Sometimes the doctor will require the male to have a semen analysis before performing the tubal reversal. (This is to prevent the female from undergoing surgery if there is a problem with the male until the problem is corrected.)

Q: What kind of doctor do I look for?
A: You want a doctor who performs micro reproductive surgery. OB/GYN F.A.C.O.G or a Reproductive Endocrinologist.

Q: What tests should I expect to have prior to tubal reversal?
A: The basic tests performed include a pelvic exam, a check of basal body temperature (BBT) charts and the monitoring of some baseline hormone levels, such as prolactin and progesterone levels during the luteal phase. In addition, a postcoital test (PCT) or diagnostic laparoscopy may be performed. Some doctors may require a complete CBC and hormone panel to rule out menopause. Depending on the type of ligation you had, you may also have to undergo an HSG to determine if you have enough tube left.

Q: How long is the hospital stay?
A: This depends upon inpatient or outpatient surgery and your doctor. Most tubal reversals are performed outpatient and are home the same day.

Q: What is the recovery time for a tubal reversal?
A: This depends upon the patient's tolerance for pain and possibly unforeseen complications. Most women are fully recovered in 3-4 weeks. Your activity will be restricted for at least the first week.

Q: Does the procedure hurt?
A: Some women compare the pain to that of a c-section and some experience little or no pain at all.

Q: How big is the incision?
A: Generally 3-5 inches across the abdomen. If you have had a previous c-section, they will go in through the same incision.

Q: How will the incision be closed?
A: Normally staples, stitches, surgical glue, or an adhesive are used to close the incision.

Q: What can I expect the incision to look like?
A: The first time you look, it may be red or pink in color. It may even appear to be puffy. As long as it isn't bleeding and you don't have a fever, you should be fine.

Q: Is it normal for the incision to become numb?
A: It is very normal.

Q: What can I expect my cycles to be like after the tubal reversal?
A: Most women do not see a change in their cycles from pre-TR to post-TR. Some women experience shorter and lighter cycles and vice versa.

Q: When can I return to work?
A: Generally within one to two weeks when no heavy lifting is involved. Otherwise expect 4-6 weeks.

Q: When can we begin trying to conceive?
A: Some doctors say as soon as you feel like it and others say wait 4-6 weeks. Ask the opinion of your doctor.

Q: Is it okay to become pregnant the first or second month after the reversal?
A: Yes. There is no relation between miscarriages and tubal reversals. Most miscarriages in tubal reversal women is due to a hormonal deficiency.

Q:What is the normal length of the fallopian tubes before a tubal ligation?
A: 10-12 centimeters (some women may have longer or shorter tubes)

Q: What is the length of tube needed to conceive?
A: Most doctors say at least 4cm, but there have been successful full term pregnancies with less.

Q: What are the success rates of a tubal reversal?
A: Factors that can determine how successful a reversal can be include the length of the fallopian tubes after repair, patient age and method that was used for the ligation. There must be three to four centimeters of fallopian tube for pregnancy to occur. If the patient had no problems becoming pregnant prior to tubal ligation, and the reversal is successful, the patient should be able to conceive. At your consultation, the Dr will attempt to give you a better idea of what to expect regarding your chances of conception after your reversal.

Q: Will I need to do anything special after I get pregnant?
A: Yes. After a tubal reversal, the chance of ectopic pregnancy is higher so your Dr will want to know right away of any positive pregnancy test. They will then have you come in for blood tests to check your HCG levels every 2-3 days until your levels reach 1500 IU where they can then do a transvaginal sonogram to identify a (hopefully) uterine pregnancy.

This information is not intended to be used as medical advice. Use only as a reference.


Here is a list of common abbrevations you will see me use in posts.

2ww-2 week wait
AF-Aunt Flo (period)
BBT-Basal Body Temperature
BD-Baby Dancing (making love/having sex)
BFP-Big Fat Positive (on pregnancy test)
BFN-Big Fat Negative (on pregnancy test)
CD-Cycle Day
CM-Cervical Mucus
DD-Dear Daughter
DH-Dear Husband
DPO-Days Post Ovulation
DS-Dear Son
DSS-Dear Step Son
EDD-Estimated due date
EWCM-Egg White Cervical Mucus
FF-Fertility Friend
FMU-First Morning Urine
FRER-First Response Early Result (HPT)
HCG-Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (what a pregnancy test tests)
HPT-Home Pregnancy Test
IC-Internet Cheapie (HPT)
LMP-Last Menstrual Period (start date)
LOL-Laugh Out Loud
LH- Luteinizing Hormone (Hormone detected by the OPK)
LP-Luteal Phase
N/V-Nausea/Vomitting (morning sickness)
O-Ovulation (Variants-Oed, Oing)
OPK-Ovulation Predictor Kit
POAS-Pee On a Stick
PTLS-Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome (collection of symptoms many women develop after a TL. Some drs don't think this is a 'real' disease.)
SMU-Second Morning Urine
TMI-Too Much Info
TL-Tubal Ligation
TR-Tubal Reversal
TTA-Trying To Avoid
TTC-Trying To Conceive