Appointment News

Had my appt today......

Dr N reviewed my chart/HSG results from last year, had an U/S done (she wanted to see an antral follicular count over 4....mine was 19 before she stopped counting! YAY!) Had pre-op blood work done, went over the surgery plan, signed consents and scheduled my post op visit. She will be making a few small incisions instead of all going straight through the vaginia, but expects the recovery time to be shorter than originally predicted.

Is it Dec 10th yet?? LOL.

Latest Update

Little recap: So back in Feb 2014, I was going to have surgery but that's when our lawsuit stuff (DSS) started and we had to take the 5K that was for the surgery and put it toward the attorney. Last Oct was when DH started his new job, his new insurance would cover part of the surgery, but it was still going to cost around 2-3K out of pocket. We didn't do it then because we still had some other financial stuff to pay off first.

Fast forward to now....We had meet our deductible for the year several months ago, but with me starting a new job, DH didn't want me to have surgery just yet. Plus is looked like it was still going to be at least 1K+ out of pocket so we figured we'd just have to wait until next year and unfortunately have to pay more because our deductible would reset. After I got home from work this morning and was trying to sleep, something told me to go ahead and call the dr's office. (The likelihood of getting it done before the year was over seemed impossible since its already mid Nov). I left a message for the surgery coordinator and she responded a few hours later. Turns out because we are almost to our max out of pocket for the year, the max we would have to pay is $442.78 if we do it before Jan 1!!!!! They want me to come in for a visit with the dr and a sono (which I want anyway) and redo labs to make sure its even worth proceeding. So my visit is Nov 30 and surgery (assuming everything is still ok with my levels) is Dec 10!!

Such happy news, esp considering AF arrived today and started cycle #49.