Busy, busy, busy

School has started back (only DSS is in school, but DS has to go for ST), business is picking up and I've been busy with DS and DD with normal day-to-day stuff so its been kinda nice having these distractions from TTC. I did, however, order some more pregnancy tests and OPKs the other day. I keep buying them in just enough amounts to last 1-2 months. My thought on that is I pray I won't need to have a huge supply because I will get pregnant and then be stuck with a whole bunch. So far, my theory has proved me wrong though so if this trend continues, maybe I WILL buy a huge lot so I CAN get 'stuck' with them. LOL.

New norms

Anytime you do something to your body (like having a TL/TR) it can "mess" things up. I am learning that my body has decided to go in a new direction. My LP now seems to be 12-14 days in length (which longer is better so I'm glad it didn't go the other way) and my menstrual flow seems to be a little shorter (still just as heavy as its always been though). I got pregnant with DS on our first cycle and our DD on cycle #7 so I pray that our new norm won't change that to be further. We are headed into cycle 4 as this one has come to an end. What new norm I would like to see??? Us holding a new baby in about 10 months.


Today's temp was a drop so AF is likely on her way. There is the slightest chance that since my LP has been 12-14 days since the TR (instead of my normal 10) that today could be an implantation dip, but I think that is probably just wishful thinking. I didn't even bother testing today because either scenario would result in a BFN.


So I haven't been good about blogging this month. Obviously I've been seriously lacking sleep or something because yesterday my DH let me sleep in late, I got up and ate a little, went back to bed for a nap a few hours later, ate some more after playing with the kids for a bit and even went to bed (early for me). I have been so exhausted lately, but I don't feel that it is necessarily 'pregnancy fatigue'...although I sure hope it is. :-) Today I woke up and felt much better, but I did get have another fatigue dump later this afternoon.

Part of me thinks I'm out this month. My temps have been super close together (way abnormal) and even though I have some symptoms, nothing just stands out and screams pregnancy. The only thing that remotely does is the metallic taste I've been having and of course the fatigue. However, it seems that while I never had PMS-type symptoms before the TL/TR, that this may be my new norm of having some every month now.

The other part of me is still optimistic. I have faith that we will have another baby. I just hope God thinks it should be sooner rather than later. I'll be 10dpo tomorrow so I really pray I get a BFP tomorrow (BFN today).


The other night I had a long coughing fit while trying to sleep, finally stopped enough to fall asleep, but then slept horribly. Since this afternoon, I've felt sick...nausea, metallic taste in my mouth, sore throat and fatigue. Of course part of this could be that I've been out running errands in 101+ degree temps....this heat will zap all energy from you. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. I've been fighting taking a nap most of the afternoon, but I bet $10 I go to bed early tonight!!


Got my crosshairs today so I'm 3dpo now. My temps are a slow rise so I'm worried I didn't have a strong enough ovulation. Anything is possible though and if its meant to be, it will be! :-)


I decided to take another OPK this afternoon, 4 hours after my last one and this is what I got! (The one marked "14" is from earlier today (CD14) and the one underneath that is the one that just gave me the smiley face!)
So I didn't miss my surge!


I didn't realize its been a little over a week since my last post. Not like a whole lot happens while waiting for O to take place. :-)

I'm not sure whats going on with my temps this cycle though. If you look at my chart it looks like I may have already O'd (even if it is a little early), but my OPKs have all been negative....and I mean REALLY negative. (I use the Clearblue Easy Digitial OPKs which give you the smiley face with they are positive.) You aren't *supposed* to read the lines on these tests like you do on the non-digital types, but I can tell when I'm need to test more closer to my surge because they do darken. However, todays was the first darker (still very light) line from the past 5 days. So, based on that I haven't O'd yet even if you consider that I O very quickly after my surge. I really doubt I missed it.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the next few days bring.


A lot of good things have been happening lately (I've been throwing myself into work more), so I'm feeling optimistic that good things will continue into this cycle. I'm only CD5 so I still have a way to go before O.