Now what?

Not really sure what is up with my temp yesterday. It wasn't cold or anything in the room and I had the same amount of sleep. Weird. Anyway, hopefully it was just a fluke and even though I had some cramping yesterday, I'm pretty sure I didn't O yet. Maybe its because I started self-fertility massage the other day? I also bought items needed to start doing castor oil packs, except the heating pad, which may have to wait until next cycle because you aren't supposed to do it after ovulation.

TSH Update

Six weeks ago, I went in for my quarterly TSH checkup. Read about it here. A few days ago I went in to have my blood drawn again and today I got the results....0.6!!!! Much, much better!! Now, hopefully this will mean a BFP soon since its back down to optimal TTC levels!


I hope each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow! I pray that next year we have a new little one to be thankful for, but in the meantime I'm thankful for a supportive husband, three terrific kids, shelter and food.


The witch is here.....on to cycle 7.


Nothing like your body acting all bizarre and making you feel like you are going crazy!

After O, *if* I get any CM, its usually creamy or sticky. On DPOs 8 and 9, I was experiencing EW/watery CM so I decided to take some OPKs. (LH is always present in your body and it varies throughout your cycle) They started out barely visible like normal, but then the 9DPO afternoon one was actually dark enough like I get right before I get a +, and I NEVER get one that close very often since I surge very quickly. Now, I'm 99.9999% sure I O'd on CD16 because of my +OPK on CD15 followed by a good temp rise on CD17 so I know it wasn't reading an impending ovulation. OPKs can pick up HCG (read why here) so I was thinking maybe, just maybe, I was pregnant and it was picking it up.

However, all HPTs I've been taking have been BFNs....not even a hint of a positive. Hence, my frustration. I've been having hot flashes, cramping on and off, sensitivity to smells, smelly pee (TMI sorry), and a host of other symptoms. Then today, 11 dpo, my temp drops. And since I don't know exactly when my LP will end (as its been fluctuating lately, even though its not supposed to vary by more than 1-2 days) FF estimates AF to arrive in two days, so that would explain the temp drop.

I was really hoping this would be our month too. :-( Guess time will tell.


Temp went back up a little today (not as much as I hoped, but not a bad amount) and the cramping is still there, but lighter than it was yesterday. HPT is -, as is an OPK (for those of you confused why I took an OPK....remember how I talked about previously how LH and HCG are sister hormones?) Still a waiting game, as always. LOL.

7 DPO cramping

Yesterday, I was feeling some pinches/twinges and like AF was about to start, but nothing consistent. Today I woke up to a .3 BBT drop, more of an 'AF is coming' type feeling and now I 've been having some mild cramping all morning. I'm still way too early for AF to actually be arriving so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I could be implanting a little bean! If that is the case, and I get a BFP in the next few days, then Thanksgiving will be even more special this year.


Not much going on at the moment. I had a really strong O (based on my temps), so I really pray this is our month!! We have lots of good things going for us......CIS showing open tubes, thyroid meds adjusted and TSH hopefully at a better level and lots of extra BD'ing. Needless to say, I'm going to be a wreck until I can test on the 20th. The waiting is the hardest part of the cycle. Well, really thats the whole cycle, because you wait for O to happen, then you wait to test, and then if your temp drops and keep getting BFNs then you are waiting on AF to arrive so you can start it all over again. Its enough waiting to make you crazy and to wish that it didn't have to be such a process. Even with everything lined up perfectly, you still only have a 20% of conceiving any given month. Its amazing anyone gets pregnant then, huh? I just have to keep reminding myself that its all on God's timing and not ours.

Ovulation, here we come!

Got my +OPK today, right on cue! With our CIS and lots of etra BD'ing, I'm hoping this is our month!!

Just waiting....

on a + OPK and for ovulation to show up. I'm on CD 12, so it should be sometime this week.

In other news, a lot of women on a TR/TTC group that I belong to have announced a lot of BFPs lately. I'm so happy for all of them and I hope I can have a little announcement of my own soon.