Tubes are....

OPEN!!!!! The procedure went very well and I hardly had any discomfort during it (I was nervous since some of the info I've read says that pain can range from nothing to really, really bad cramping). The nurse was very good and explained everything as it was happening, while the Dr didn't say much at all. He did a lengthy sonogram before the CIS and afterward said everything looks good and that the contrast had no problems going through! Because the CIS/HSG can 'clean' out the tubes, a lot of women get pregnant really soon after the test. I pray I will be included in the statistic soon. :-)


After talking to my drs office, we have decided to do a CIS (contrast-infused sonography). They say its very much like a HSG in terms of seeing if the tubes are open or not, but its just a slightly different technique and much more comfortable. We do this on Oct 31, when I'm CD 10 (its has to be done in a small time frame....after your period, but before ovulation). Hope is goes well and my tubes are open!

Onward and upward

AF arrived today, so on to cycle 6. I have a call into my Drs office about doing a HSG next month to see if my tubes are open.

St. Gerard

Today is not only my birthday, but it is also the Feast Day for St. Gerard (He is the saint whose intercession is requested for children (and unborn children in particular), childbirth, mothers (and expectant mothers in particular), motherhood, falsely accused people, good confessions and lay brothers.

O good St. Gerard, powerful intercessor before God and Wonder-worker of our day, I call upon thee and seek thy aid. Thou who on earth didst always fulfill God's design, help me to do the Holy Will of God. Beseech the Master of Life, from Whom all paternity proceedeth to render me fruitful in offspring, that I may raise up children to God in this life and heirs to the Kingdom of His glory in the world to come. Amen.

I pray St. Gerard hears my prayers, intercedes on my behalf and that I receive the best belated birthday present next week.....a BFP!

Good News

Today, I'm 1 DPO. I didn't O right after my + OPK as I normally do, but thats ok because I got some good news! Yesterday, I had my quarterly thyroid checkup with my Dr. (I'm have Hypothyroidism) and while my levels came back in the normal range, they are still a little too high for optimal TTC (it was 3.6). I'm currently taking 75 mcg of Levothyroxine and while the next dose would be 88 mcg, we have decided to skip that one and go straight to 100 mcg to see if my TSH levels will go down to the 1.0 range. I will have more bloodwork in 6 weeks to see what my new level will be.

I also discussed with her the protocol that TR patients have to follow after getting a BFP. (HCG blood draws every 48 hours until levels get high enough to confirm placement of pregnancy via ultrasound). I could have the RE that did my TR surgery do it, but insurance will not pay for the lab work, so with having my primary Dr do it I will have a better chance of insurance paying for it. We also discussed doing a progesterone draw at 7 DPO just to see what my level is. (A lot of women, who never had progesterone problems before, usually do have issues with it after a TR.) My dr said just to call the office whenever I need blood work done and they will get me in. She said she'll order whatever I need. How awesome is that? A dr who actually listens to her patients! Well, she has always been awesome though. :-)

So now we're just waiting until next week to do my progesterone draw and go from there. Hopefully, there won't be any problems with it and that'll be one less thing we can mark off the list of things that could be preventing me from getting pregnant.


I got my + OPK yesterday so I should see a very nice temp spike tomorrow to confirm ovulation! TMI: I've been having a LOT more fertile CM than usual. Hope that means good things and we get pregnant this month!! Not much else going on at the moment.

Interesting tibit....if I do get pregnant this month, my EDD would be July 6th....and since I would have to have a repeat c section, the baby would be born at least a week prior (assuming all goes to plan that is....DD decided to come early even though we had a c section date with her too)...anyway, back to topic, the baby would be born at least a week late Papa's birthday was July 1 and I can't help but hope we have a little July baby. Plus, we already have Jan, Feb, June, Sept and Oct covered, so why not add a different month to the mix. LOL.

Simply put...