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Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I've been working a lot (putting money back for hopefully baby gear). Here's what has been going on the last week.....

Jan 6--Biggest thing is I've been smelling a "vomit" smell for the past 3 days in my house so I've been a little queasy on and off. No one else can and I can't find a source of what could be smelling bad. (I'm fine at work) But I always have a sensitive nose, so it's probably nothing. Very slight cramping yesterday, but nothing that lasted long. I feel like I'm out.

Jan 7--Ok, so this morning was a totally different story. About 6am I couldn't keep my eyes open! I literally had to tell my tele partner at work to watch my screens so I could take a 20 min cat nap!! Now, I haven't been sleeping past 2 pm most days, so by the time I get off work I've been up 17-19 hours. So it could be that I'm just tired from not a lot of sleep in between shifts. I was also super nauseated to the point of going to the bathroom....so that makes me more positive because that's hard to explain away! (Although it is 7dpo and that usually happens like clockwork even on non pg cycles, not that strong though) Also, my opks have still been high all week and we know for sure I've already O'd. So that's interesting to see if that means anything soon.

Jan 11--Nothing but stark white bfns. Cramping, sore bbs and some nausea on and off. Woke up at 4am sweating and needing to pee so bad. If I'm not pg, AF should arrive by Wednesday at the latest. 11dpo beta.....2.55 Not pregnant. There is a slim chance that I could be 10dpo, or that implantation just happened and it is still super early. However, I've been having a specific wet feeling that I get before AF shows (its a different wet feeling from the other wet feeling I have. Weird, I know.)

So it looks more than likely that I'm headed to cycle #51 soon. :(

Jan 13--As you can see by my chart, I've been having a lot of cramping, sore bbs, etc. One of the things I hate about the TWW is that so many symptoms can either be pregnancy or just hormones, like progesterone, messing with you. Makes this time period pure torture!! Last night before I went to work, I had a tiny amount of "spotting" when I wiped. I mean SUPER tiny. So tiny that I feel silly even marking it on my chart or even talking about it. No bigger than a pencil eraser but light pink nonetheless. So I put a pad on and headed to work, fully expecting AF to rear her ugly head. Anytime AF starts, I may get spotting, which really is more like a super light flow, enough to reach a pad a decent amount. Full flow starts no more than 4 hours later, usually within 2. This however, never went anywhere! I kept going to the restroom thinking she arrived, but when I wiped, it was creamy CM. The whole 12 hours at work, I kept thinking she would arrive. Closer to the end of my shift, I began thinking....maybe this is IB? Then I would talk myself out of it. It was too scant, I'm 12dpo (11dpo at best) that's too late for IB, etc. My cramping wasn't as bad as it's been, plus the AF wetness feeling that I get kinda went away too. I'm trying not to grab at straws, but I'm feeling a little hopeful, like I'm still in the game for this cycle. AF should have shown yesterday, but really should be starting today at the latest.

So my new plan is this......if AF doesn't arrive before I leave for work, I'm going to take a HPT with me. If AF is still MIA during my shift, I will take the HPT before I leave for work. Based on that result I'm going to call the office and see if they will let me stop by on my way home from work and do another beta. If this was IB last night, a HPT may/may not show anything yet, as HCG can take a few days to build up in my system. However, since my beta was already 2.55 and FRERs can pick up 6.5, maybe, just maybe, I will see some pink lines in the morning! Dear God, please let me see some lines!!!


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