I was supposed to go in yesterday, but for some reason I didn't have a time written down so I called the office. They are only open a few hours on Sundays and since it was also DS birthday I thought I would be a little rushed. They called back and said it was no big deal if I wanted to come in today instead since it was just a follow-up scan. Whew! That extra time helped a little.

So no bloodwork today, just a sono. Sono shows all 3 follicles are gone, with free fluid all around where they were (so very good indication that all 3 ruptured and not just one) and good, fuzzy lining. Based on my chart, labs, sonos and O pain, we've all agreed that I likely O'd on Dec 31 so that makes me 4 DPO today. I go back on Jan 11 (11dpo) for a beta, but we all know I'll be peeing on sticks before then. LOL.


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