Another sono and blood work this afternoon. Sono showed my lining is 13.68 with even more free fluid on the left side (good) with the two follies on that side a little smaller than they were yesterday. Evidently they start to shrink right before ovulation. They are now 18.0 and 13.6 and the one on the right is now 22.7 (grew since yesterday). Two nurses (one who did the sono today and the one who did it yesterday) that both said they are 99% sure I'm O'ing. Got a call with my blood work results this afternoon....nope, not O'ing yet! (I don't know the exact values today since my phone was being stupid and sent her call straight to my voicemail.) So the plan is to keep doing OPKs and call if I get another positive. I go back Thursday, if not sooner, for another sono and more blood work.


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